Mé projekty – My projects (Keltic)

This form appeared for the first time in 2006, when the first young snakes with this drawing were born with a father of unknown origin. I ¨got a few of them and I´ve been breeding three generations of them.
This new kind form together with Motley, Aztec, Arabescue, Inca and Key West make up the group of constrictors having strong ladder drawing, which passes into a checkered stripe.
Colombian Motley has got the the most distinctive drawing and the thinnest line.
Aztec has got the widest spots and small eyes/circles betweeen them.
Arabescue has got the thinnest spots and the biggest eyes/eyes.
Keltic stands between them, it has got thespots as wide as the eyes/circles among them.
The Keltics have in most cases angled eyes/circles in the ladder, actually they have almost squares or rectangles and these continue to the tail stripe. The stripe is extended almost to the end, ideally to the very end of the tail and it´s cut with lateral drawing.
The Keltic´s upper tail stripe is straight on the sides, lined with a longitudinal stripe. Some of the Keltics have the straight tail stripe cut with a jag, but it shouldnt´t look like a cog. The Hypoceltics are the only exception.
The hypo kind breaks the drawing, especially on the tail.
Motley is the same, the hypo kind has got broken tail drawing too.
But unlike Motley the hypo-Keltics don´t change the spinal drawing, only exceptionally. More frequently the square eyes/circles change into oval ones.
The Keltic is codominant form, which means that half of their young must always have keltic drawing. Even if they are albin, pastel etc.
I believe this beautiful form of constrictors to be more and more popular..
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